Pokemon Trainer
Music Lover

Mark Angelo Miano

I'm a developer and I love all things tech. I live in the Philippines and currently working for Dewise, an awesome company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that provides web and native mobile solutions using Microsoft technologies such as Azure.

I develop native mobile app solutions using the Xamarin Platform, as well as leveraging Azure Cloud Services for the backend. I use .NET C# as my primary coding language for the back-end stuff. I also develop for the web, with technologies such as MVC, and WebAPI. For web front end, I use Razor for MVC, AngularJS 1 or jQuery

I started programming back when I was 11 years old using BASIC when my dad got me a CASIO programmable calculator. Since then, I knew my passion was with programming and technology.

Currently Playing

When I'm not coding, I like to play games as well. I mostly play on PC and the Nintendo Switch, but I play on consoles too.

Ana/Sigma/Pharah main

Overwatch (PC)

Metroid Dread (Switch)

ANNO 1800 (PC)

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC)

Ghost of Tsushima (PS5)

Pokédex Completion

Galar Pokédex
100% (400 / 400)
Alolan Pokédex
100% (302 / 302)
Kalos Pokédex
52% (239 / 457)
Hoenn Pokédex
59% (125 / 211)
National Pokédex
100% (890 / 890)